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We are seeking your views on the designation of Loch Carron possible Marine Protected Area (MPA) – part of Scotland’s Marine Protected Area network.


In 2017, the Loch Carron Urgent Nature Conservation Marine Protected Area was designated under the Marine (Scotland) Act 2010. That urgent designation is temporary and will lapse in May 2019.

The boundary of the Loch Carron possible MPA we’re consulting on now was developed by SNH in discussion with Marine Scotland following new survey work in 2017. It includes maerl beds – another diverse and particularly sensitive seabed habitat – as a feature of the site, together with the flame shell beds.

The consultation on the Loch Carron possible MPA runs from 20 March to 13 June 2018.

Marine Scotland would also like your views on the associated Marine Conservation Order and the Business and Regulatory Impact Assessment.

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Site summary


Conservation objectives and management advice

Detailed assessment against the selection guidelines

Data confidence assessment

SNH Research Report 1038 - The distribution and condition of flame shell beds and other Priority Marine Features in Loch Carron Marine Protected Area and adjacent waters.

Loch Carron MPA


This video explores the world’s largest known flame shell bed located within the Loch Carron Marine Protected Area on the west coast of Scotland.

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