Licences: General licences for birds

General licences permit ‘authorised persons’ to perform certain actions affecting birds, which would otherwise be illegal, without individual licences.

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General licences for birds for 2019

General licences for Birds valid for 2019

General licences for goose management pilots

Managing geese has become a focus where populations have grown in size.

General licences for goose management pilots in Orkney, the Uists, and Lewis and Harris permit the sale of goose meat arising from the pilots.

General licence returns

A condition of some general licences is that you must submit a licence return to us. The general licence will tell you what return information is required and how to submit it.

You should email licence returns to [email protected] in an appropriate format (e.g. table, spreadsheet). Enter ‘General licence return’ and the location details (e.g. Edinburgh Airport) in the subject line.


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