Landscape fashioned by geology - Skye

The Cuillin of Skye is world famous for its stark beauty. This arc of jagged peaks rises steeply from the sea and dominates the skyline for miles around. But there’s much more to Skye’s landscapes than the Cuillin. Rugged slopes contrast with rolling grassy hills and ancient lowlands.

Skye is home to some of the oldest rocks on Earth. There are also rich agricultural lands, sitting in sheltered basins where limestones have created smooth, well-drained slopes. Many important fossils have been found here, and even dinosaur footprints! But perhaps most impressive of all is the island’s violent volcanic past – evidence of lava flows can be found almost wherever you look.

This illustrated booklet has something for everyone. It will help you discover the mysteries of this unique landscape, where ancient history sits so close to the surface.

Written by experts and beautifully illustrated, this booklet contains clear explanations, simple diagrams and useful information on where to visit.

Pages: 30
Published: 1993

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