Landscape fashioned by geology - The Outer Hebrides

Lying off the north-west coast of Scotland, the Outer Hebrides are exposed to the extremes of the element. Wind, rain and waves batter the coasts and, every year, small changes can be seen in the landscape. But, over millions of years, the landscapes of the Outer Hebrides have seen dramatic changes.

This charming booklet, with its beautiful photography, user-friendly diagrams and clear explanations, details the geological past of the varied isles of the Outer Hebrides. From some of the oldest rocks in Europe to the geologically young Shiant Isles and St Kilda, and from the peat-covered uplands of Lewis to the rocky mountains of South Harris, the fascinating history of these islands has shaped the beautiful landscapes we see today.

What’s more, with the Outer Hebrides particularly likely to feel the effects of a changing climate, understanding the past can help us to prepare for the challenges of the future.

Pages: 24
Published: 2011

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