Landscape fashioned by geology - Mull and Iona

Travel through the geological history of the fascinating and varied islands of Mull and Iona – from the break up of an ancient super-continent to the birth of the North Atlantic – and discover how this past has shaped the landscapes you see today with this fascinating booklet.

Although Iona’s religious and historical significance has long drawn people to these islands, a new surge of visitors is coming to discover the fascinating geology that dominates the landscape. Characterised by diverse geological formations and histories, there’s a story to be told in every corner of these islands.

Volcanic activity played a dramatic role in shaping these islands – from the steep cliffs of lava in the north to the high mountains in the south, where the roots of a volcano that erupted 60 million years ago are now exposed.

And, in more recent geological time, glaciers scoured the area during the Ice Age, changing the landscape irrevocably. Evidence can also be seen throughout the islands of the subsequent melting ice and changes in sea level.

Pages: 40
Published: 2011

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