Landscape fashioned by geology - Glasgow and Ayrshire

Landscape fashioned by geology - Glasgow and Ayrshire front cover

It’s easy to see how humans have shaped the landscape of Glasgow and Ayrshire. But, in this beautifully illustrated booklet, discover the secrets of the region’s geological past, evidence of which can be seen in surprisingly familiar places.

Although the effects of recent human activity are clear – rivers are bridged, the land is cultivated and rocks have been quarried and mined – the landscape of Glasgow and Ayrshire has been several hundred million years in the making.

Learn how the region’s rocks tell the story of this long and fascinating past, including the disappearance of an ancient ocean, and of times when sandy deserts, shallow tropical seas, vast coal swamps and lava from volcanic eruptions covered the landscape.

And in more recent geological time, discover how glaciers scoured the landscape during the Ice Age, melting and reforming to create the familiar landscapes we see today.

Pages: 49
Published: 2006

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