Landscape fashioned by geology - Fife and Tayside

The gently undulating landscapes of Fife and Tayside mask a turbulent geological past. Rocks, fossils and landforms tell a story of baking deserts, tropical rainforests and erupting volcanoes. More recently, the area was covered by vast ice sheets.

Change and renewal continues to this day. Along the coast, relentless waves mould the coastline into rocky headlands and sandy beaches. On land, humans have modified the landscape by draining wetlands and creating opencast mines.

The booklet explains the geological processes that formed the landscape of Fife and Tayside – and the enormous timescales over which it was fashioned.

Written by experts and beautifully illustrated, this booklet contains clear explanations, simple diagrams and useful information on where to visit.

Pages: 36
Published: 2001

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