Landscape fashioned by geology - Cairngorms

Discover how the Cairngorms’ unique diversity – from its wide ‘arctic’ plateaux to its steep-sided glens with fragments of native pinewoods – have been shaped by geological and geomorphological processes over millennia.

The Cairngorms has a long and remarkable geological history that has fashioned it into one of the most distinctive mountain landscapes in Britain. Continental collisions millions of years ago began the Cairngorms’ formation. Significant diversity has characterised its history since then.

Discover how changes in climate – from the freezing temperatures of the Ice Age to the warmth of ancient tropical climates – have led to drastic changes in the Cairngorms’ natural environment and plant life over time. And learn how the rocks, landforms and soils have been shaped through history by glaciers, weathering and rivers.

This booklet follows the evolution of the Cairngorms throughout this turbulent geological past to create the unique landscapes we see today.

Pages: 49
Published: 2006

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