Landscape fashioned by geology - Arran and the Clyde Islands

You may be familiar with Arran’s famous ‘Sleeping Warrior’ outline. But did you know that it once formed part of a chain of volcanoes reaching from Skye to Antrim? Or that, where now the Firth of Clyde gently laps at its shores, a Sahara-like desert once swept across the area?

Travel ‘doon the watter’ like a real Glaswegian and delve into the ancient secrets of Arran and the Clyde Islands, from the Sleeping Warrior to Ailsa Craig, affectionately known by the locals as Paddy’s Milestone.

In this beautifully illustrated booklet, you’ll find clear, expertly written explanations and diagrams of the geological formations and history of this spectacular region of Scotland. You can also find out about geological excursions in the area, from mountaineering to curling!

Pages: 28
Published: 2012

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