Inchnadamph - Bone Caves

Find out about the most remarkable caves in Scotland, containing evidence that Scotland was once roamed by wolves, lynx and bears.



A century ago, Inchnadamph Bone Caves were the site of a remarkable discovery. While surveying the geology of the North-west Highlands, two men stumbled across two caves filled with animal bones. We now realise that these bones are the most complete record of the last glacial period found in Scotland. Species discovered here include Arctic fox, wolf, lynx, brown bear and even Polar bear.

The caves are easily accessed by a 2 kilometre path, and they are fascinating to explore.

This leaflet is an ideal introduction to the caves. You’ll find a useful map and directions and an illustrated guide to the species found in the caves. There’s a also the exciting story of how the caves were discovered and excavated by two famous geologists.

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