A handbook on environmental impact assessment: Guidance for competent authorities, consultees and others involved in the Environmental Impact Assessment process in Scotland

EU Exit does not affect the process of EIA or its underpinning legislation, although some of the terminology relating to Natura (now European) sites may require updating. This webpage will highlight when the EIA Handbook is updated as a result of EU Exit.

Our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) handbook offers practical guidance and a ready source of information to anyone involved in the process. Its aim is to help to make the EIA process more effective, in turn prompting better-informed decisions and ultimately improved environmental protection. 

In places it illustrates or concentrates on the treatment of natural heritage issues but, even where there is such a focus, the principles are often more widely applicable to other environmental topics.

Unless otherwise indicated, the advice in this Handbook applies to the EIA process in respect of all project types, even though it concentrates on the EIA process in relation to the town and country planning system.

Version 4

Pages: 246
Published: 2014

Version 5

Pages: 247
Published: 2018

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