Guidance on Landscape/Seascape Capacity for Aquaculture

Marine aquaculture – fin fish and shellfish farms – can be seen in many parts of the west and north coasts of Scotland and around many islands. Poorly sited farms can have a negative impact on coastal character and scenic qualities. Some of these negative effects can be minimised through improved design of aquaculture structures. Many others can be avoided by choosing sites where farms can be more easily absorbed into the landscape.

This guidance provides a methodology for assessing the character and visual qualities of coastal landscapes and seascapes. This will let you work out where aquaculture structures are best sited. It also takes into account of whether existing sites might accommodate larger developments and helps to identify where existing developments should be removed.

The guidance is designed for local authority or SNH staff who undertake or commission work on strategies for siting aquaculture developments. It will also be very useful for landscape architects who have been commissioned to undertake assessments.

Pages: 85
Published: 2008

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