Guidance - Biodiversity Challenge Fund (BCF) - Guidance for Applicants - How to acknowledge our support for your project

Biodiversity Challenge Fund Guidance for applicants:

How to acknowledge our support for your project

One of the Conditions of receiving funding from us is that you acknowledge our funding of your project during your Contract Period.  This will be outlined in your Funding Offer. We may ask you to tell us how you will acknowledge our funding in your application.

1. What must I do to acknowledge your contribution? 

You should use:

  • our logo, and
  • our funding support statement:

‘This project is supported by the NatureScot Biodiversity Challenge Fund.’

2. How do I get the logo and guidelines?

You can download the NatureScot logo and guidelines for how to use it from our web page:

There are different logo formats available. If you have any problems accessing the logo or need further advice on how to use it, please contact our Design staff by emailing [email protected]

You must use the logos as outlined in the guidelines and you must not distort the shape or adjust the colour of the logo.

3. Do I need to position the logo and support statement in a certain way?

Yes. This depends on what level of contribution we’ve made to your project. Listed below are the Contributions and their positions of Logo and support statement.


Logo and support statement position

We are the greatest contributor

Our logo should appear to the left of any horizontal list

Our logo should appear at the top of any vertical list

We are not the greatest contributor

Our logo should appear in the list but in no particular order

4. Why do I need to use the logo and support statement?

The awards we make are from public funds. We want the public to know how and where our funding is being spent. By using our logo and support statement people can see that our funding has supported your project.

5. What are the consequences of not acknowledging our contribution?

Acknowledging our contribution to your project is a Condition of your Funding Contract with us. Failing to do so is a breach of Contract and may result in action to withdraw and/or reclaim our funding as per our Standard Terms and Conditions.

6. When and where to use the logo

If you receive funding from us, you must make sure that you acknowledge our funding wherever possible. This will depend on your project. The table below outlines examples of where and how you could do this.

 Promotional opportunities

How to use the logo and support  statement

NatureScot’s blog: Scotland’s Nature

There are opportunities to write and submit a guest blog about your project. This could be arranged to launch the project, hitting milestones or when your project is complete.

NatureScot on Twitter: @nature_scot

Where possible please use our handle in any posts about your project and acknowledge our support. Use @nature_scot and #BiodiversityChallengeFund. We shall retweet where possible.


If posting about the project, please include @NatureScot to link to our page. You should also use #BiodiversityChallengeFund. We shall repost where possible.


If your project involves photography then please tag NatureScot in your posts using @naturescot and #BiodiversityChallengeFund. We shall repost the best.


We can share any film footage about your project.

Publications – leaflets, booklets, guides, posters, DVDs or reports produced by or for your project.

Our logo and support statement must be present in all publications that your project produces.

Publicity materials and events – your project/organisation’s website or press and media releases about your project.

Our logo and support statement must be present in all publicity materials for your project.

Interpretation boards and signage – information or display panels and signage produced by or for your project.

Our logo and support statement must be present in all interpretation boards and signage for your project.

Site based projects – a building or outdoor space your project is taking place in or contributing to.

Our logo and support statement must have a prominent place during any site based work and we may ask for a permanent placement once your site based work is completed.

Staff post (directly funded by us) – in a job description or recruitment advert for a staff post.

Our logo and support statement must be present in any staff post-related documentation for posts we are directly funding.

7. Can I acknowledge your contribution in other ways too?

We welcome any other ideas you may have to acknowledge our funding for your project. You’ll need to agree this with us before you use them and we will need to approve any designs.

8. Working with the Media

To ensure we work with the media in a careful and co-ordinated way, you should follow the media protocol below. The primary contact for Biodiversity Challenge Fund media relations is Cat Synnot, Publicity Manager.

NatureScot, Silvan House, 3rd Floor East, 231 Corstorphine Road
Edinburgh, EH12 7AT

Tel 0131 316 2606
Email [email protected]

  Media Protocol

Name of project

The Biodiversity Challenge Fund


The tone of external communications will be positive, open, honest and factual, even if faced with criticism.

Key messages and sound bites

You may also wish to use some of the following key messages in your media release and/or social media:

  • The Biodiversity Challenge Fund (BCF) specifically encourages applicants with innovative projects that improve biodiversity and address the impact of climate change, by increasing the resilience of our most at-risk habitats and species and creating large areas of brand new habitat.
  • The projects will take practical steps to improve natural habitats, safeguard plant and animal species and improve biodiversity.
  • Biodiversity is all the different types of animals, plants and other organisms in our natural world. People know that climate change is a big issue but not as many know that nature – and biodiversity loss – is also a global and generational threat to human well-being. However, enhancing our nature is also recognised as being part of the solution to the climate emergency.
  • The funding supports large-scale projects that aim to deliver rapid change on the ground to help our most at-risk habitats and species, including mammals and birds, connect existing nature reserves and tackle non-native invasive species.

Media queries/contacts

You should inform NatureScot of any media queries as soon as possible. When appropriate, broader Biodiversity Challenge Fund queries should also be referred to NatureScot. If time allows, send statements to NatureScot for review before sending them to the media. Contact Cat Synnot, Publicity Manager.

News releases and publicity

NatureScot should always be credited, if possible, in any news releases, articles and other publicity items.

All news releases must acknowledge the funding received from NatureScot and the amount of funding allocated to the project, when it has been formally awarded and the Offer of funding accepted.
Copies of news releases should be retained for audit purposes.

News releases can be circulated to NatureScot’s Publicity Manager for review and comment if you would find this helpful and/or require further guidance. When possible, please allow 72 hours for feedback. Please note that email news releases may be sent without logos as plain emails (without attachments) to prevent rejection by the recipient’s system.

Notes to editors section:

In news releases, the following information must appear in the “Notes to Editors” section:

The aim of the Biodiversity Challenge Fund is to enable targeted action for priority habitats and species, accelerating efforts that will help Scotland meet its international biodiversity commitments. Creating a nature-rich future is an important part of our response to climate change.

Fulfilling commitments made in the 2018 & 2019 Programmes for Government to establish and then to extend a Biodiversity Challenge Fund, in summer 2019 Scottish Natural Heritage commenced administering investments of around £1.8 million to create and improve habitats for key species and encourage increased access to nature over the following 2 years. With a number of additional projects from the first round subsequently receiving funding offers (£0.8m), the latest announcement marks a boost to the total funding that has been made available to the Biodiversity Challenge Fund to just over £4m.

The fund is supporting projects that are:

  • Ambitious and will make a demonstrable, and measurable, impact
  • Seek to address the drivers of biodiversity change with action preferably focused on causes rather than symptoms
  • Make connections on the ground and link actions and/ or projects, increasing resilience in those habitats and species most at risk.
Broadcast interviews

Please inform Cat Synnot, NatureScot Publicity Manager of any requests for radio or TV interviews.

Please consider, if appropriate, NatureScot staff as potential interviewees. Verbal communications (e.g. media interviews, public talks) must acknowledge Biodiversity Challenge Fund funding support and give credit to NatureScot as circumstances permit.

Media relations contact details Please provide contact details for staff who will handle media relations for your projects to Cat Synnot.
Pool video and images Internal video/images captured during the lifetime of the project remain the copyright of the funding recipient. These should be made freely available to NatureScot on request. If NatureScot uses the material, we will credit the recipient.
Commissioned or
in-house newsletter/magazine articles
Commissioned and website articles should acknowledge NatureScot with the agreed information about the project and should refer interested parties to: Applicants should seek to publicise the project in their internal communications – e.g. Intranet, in-house publications - whenever possible. Proofs should be sent to [email protected] for review before publication, where possible.

Improving our service to you

We hope you found this guidance helpful. Your feedback is important to us and will help us to further improve our funding information and the service we provide. If you have any comments then we’d like to hear from you.

Please send your comments to [email protected]. Thank you.

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