Gaelic in the Landscape - Place-names of Strath, Isle of Skye - A' Ghàidhlig air Aghaidh na Tìre - Ainmean-Àite an t-Sratha, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach

Almost all place-names in Strath, on Skye, are of Gaelic origin. Though a few Norse names remain, there’s no sign of any Pictish names. A few English names have emerged in very recent times.

This booklet looks at some of the lesser-known names in the parish – many of them gathered from native Gaelic speakers. A number of maps were also used to research the names.

The place-names of Strath are intimately connected with the landscape and the lives of the people who have lived here for centuries. Names of coastal, hill and man-made features reflect stories, past-times and daily routines. Exploring their meaning and history reveals many details of past lives.

All the place-names can be located using the index, which provides grid references as well as a rough guide to pronunciation.

Pages: 36
Published: 2015

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