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Biodiversity Challenge Fund (BCF)


Coronavirus update

Funding decisions have been made for the second round of the Biodiversity Challenge Fund and 16 applicants have been advised of the provisional approval of their project.

Due to the restrictions in place as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, discussions are currently taking place with the successful applicants to determine any impacts on their projects. Details of the projects which will be awarded funding will be provided in due course, once these discussions have concluded.

For any enquiries, contact [email protected]

For information on how we can offer support to those we fund, see our Funding page.

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Biodiversity Challenge Fund
Biodiversity Challenge Fund launch

The Biodiversity Challenge Fund (BCF) is a competitive fund which launched in February 2019 with aims to enable targeted action for priority habitats and species, accelerating efforts to help Scotland meet its international biodiversity commitments.

Funding was announced in June 2019 for 14 projects with a focus on improving and restoring habitats, creating/enhancing habitats for key species and, where appropriate, encouraging increased access to nature. These projects are due to complete by 30 September 2020 with their outputs included in Aichi target reporting. A number of additional projects from the first round have subsequently received funding offers.

The fund was boosted by an additional £2 million from the Programme for Government in 2019 and decisions on the second round, launched on 4 December 2019, have been made.  Continuing the focus to help meet international biodiversity commitments and address the drivers of biodiversity loss, this round of the fund will further focus on action to help tackle the climate emergency and includes Marine as a priority area for action.

If you have any queries on the fund, please email [email protected] in the first instance.