Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund: Grantee Resources

Grantee Resources

This page contains links to all the guidance documents and templates you will need during the delivery of, reporting of and claiming for your project.

European Structural and Investment Funds: Background

For general background information on European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF) in Scotland, visit the Scottish Government's ESIF website and Scot Gov ESIF Twitter page

The National Rules

ESIF National Rules on Eligibility of Expenditure

These are the National Rules governing expenditure for the Scottish ERDF programme 2014-2020. They are published on the Scottish Government’s website and are regularly updated. It is your responsibility to ensure that your project is delivered in accordance with these rules.

NCHF Eligibility Guidance

This is specific to the Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund and has been put together by the team to help applicants and grantees ensure that their project expenditure is eligible. It will be updated when the need arises and we will let you know when there are updates you need to be aware of.

Communications and Branding

This contains guidance on all aspects of communications including compliance with ERDF requirements. It also contains links to all the logos you will need for your communications activities.

NCHF Communications Toolkit 

European Structural and Investment Funds Logo

Downloadable logos in JPG, PNG or PDF file format

NatureScot Logo

Downloadable logos in JPG and EPS file format

European Structural Funds and Investment Funds; Publicity Toolkit

EU Publicity Toolkit

Claims & Finances

In this section you will find the guidance and templates required to submit claims, update your financial forecasts and receive payments.

NCHF Claims Guidance 

NCHF Claim Form template 

Managing Authority single operation timesheet template and guidance 

NCHF Finance Report 

NatureScot bank details form (editable PDF) 

Claims Payment Process Flow diagram - At a Glance 

Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund (NCHF) - Financial Annex 2019

Quarterly Progress Report Template – please see Reporting section below


This section contains reporting forms for using during project delivery to complete quarterly reports, for your Final Report and to submit annual reports once your project has finished.

NCHF Quarterly Progress Report template

NCHF Final Report template 

NCHF Annual Post Project Report - please be aware that this report is required annually for 3 years from the date of your project's Final Report.  Bespoke annual report templates for each of these years have been added to your “Templates – Guidance – Working and Final Documents” - Objective Connect Share File.

Change Requests

If you need to submit a change request you can find guidance and the Change Request form here.

NCHF Change Requests - Change Guidance & Process 

NCHF Change Requests – Template 


This section contains guidance on procuring costs for your project.

(Please note that these documents are not owned by NatureScot and may not be fully accessible);

Procurement checklist/aide memoire 

European Commission - public procurement guidance for practitioners

Managing Authority Public Sector procurement guidance

European Commission - financial corrections non-compliance with rules on public procurement

Procurement Journey Routes

Procurement Expenditure - Template - Contract Information Sheet 

Procurement - Awards without competition - Circumstances in which a Contract can be Awarded without Competition 

Monitoring and Evaluation

You can find guidance on Monitoring and Evaluating your project in this section. There are also template surveys which you can use if you wish.

NCHF Monitoring and Evaluation Guidance 

NCHF Monitoring and Evaluation Plan template 

NCHF Equality Impact Assessment template 

NCHF On-site survey template 

NCHF Residents' Survey template 


NCHF Risk Management Guidance 

NCHF Risk Register Template 


Sustainability Action plan – Guidance and template 

Audit and Compliance

NCHF Audit and Compliance Guidance 

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