Farmers and nature: promoting success and looking forward

18 May 2018 Sharing Good Practice (SGP event)

18 May 2018 - This event was a celebration of how farmers are delivering environmental outcomes with an emphasis on benefits for biodiversity. Participants heard from those farmers and other land managers who have embraced nature as part of running a successful business. They were given the opportunity to listen to exciting and innovative new practices and approaches to environmentally-friendly farming.


Presentation 1 - Introduction - Francesca Osowska - SNH

Presentation 2 -  Regenerative Agriculture at Balbirnie - David Aglen - Balbirnie Estate

Presentation 3 - The Challenges of Breaking the Mould - Bryce Cunningham - Mossgiel Farm

Presentation 4 - A Croft for the Future - Lynn Cassels - Lynbreck Croft

Presentation 5 - Recording Nature on the Farm - Teyl de Bordes - Whitmuir Estate