Loch Leven NNR - Mill Hide Rebuild

Rebuild the Mill Hide - progress and updates

This page is to keep everyone updated with progress on the Mill Hide project.

Locals and visitors alike were devastated to learn that the award-winning Mill Hide was burnt down in February. Encouraged by many offers of support from the community, NatureScot launched an appeal to help fund the replacement which has raised almost £30,000. This is an amazing effort by local business and the community which highlights how important Loch Leven is to both the Kinross Community and visitors near and far, and we now aim to rebuild the hide in 2021.

We would like to thank local businesses, particularly Loch Leven Brewery for its special edition Phoenix Beer, developed to raise funds for the hide, and Pizza Via for their great fundraising raffle, as well as recognise the collective efforts of the community through sponsored events and raffles, and the very generous donations from benefactors including the William Grant Foundation.

Update March 2022

Construction  of the new Mill Hide begins on 15 March, and a section of the trail will be closed for about two weeks to allow the operation of heavy plant machinery during the works. The trail circuit will still be passable with a diversion around the closure in place. There may be possible occasional closures in early April as well.

The new hide will be similar to the previous hide, but with a more open back to discourage any anti-social behaviour. This will also allow a new camera to better record any incidents.

NatureScot’s reserve manager Neil Mitchell said: “Aptly, the new hide will be known as the Phoenix Hide, as it rises from the ashes. We’re hugely thankful to the local community, businesses and visitors who contributed so generously, helping us get the re-build underway. I’m sure staff and locals alike are all looking forward to having the hide back again. It provides a lovely shelter to enjoy stunning views of the loch and is also a great vantage point to watch the reserve’s resident ducks, geese and swans.

While the Rebuild the Mill Hide fund has now closed anyone can still donate to the reserve and future projects through our MyParkScotland account and selecting Loch Leven NNR.


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