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Heart of Argyll

A uniquely rich cultural and built heritage accompanies outstanding natural beauty in the Heart of Argyll. Discover the archaeological treasures dotted throughout its spectacular landscapes by following one of our recommended itineraries for a day out.

In Kilmartin Glen, ancient monuments abound, including burial cairns, rock carvings and standing stones. And the nearby Dunadd Fort is one of the most significant monuments in Scotland. Thought to have been constructed around 500 AD, it was an important power-base for the Scotti tribe, which later gave its name to modern-day Scotland.

Discover the area’s more recent history by exploring its industrial past. Bonawe is the most complete charcoal-fuelled ironworks in Britain. Its fascinating displays lead you through the entire manufacturing process and what ironwork meant to the area.

And speaking of industrious workers, you can spot evidence of the beavers living in Scotland in Knapdale National Scenic Area, a designation given only to outstanding areas of scenic value. Another extraordinary landscape, Crinan’s Great Moss, is one of the last raised bogs left in Britain. A remarkable remnant of one of our most ancient landscapes, it is rich in spectacular wildlife.

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Published: 2015

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