Enjoying the Outdoors Policy Statement

Enjoying the outdoors is important environmentally, economically and socially – but also in its own right. Learn more about our vision and key priorities for helping the people of Scotland to participate in and reap the benefits of the outdoors.

All outdoor recreation and leisure activities, pastimes and access come under the scope of ‘enjoying the outdoors’. It is relevant to many traditional Scottish outdoor pursuits such as camping and fishing – thanks to Scotland’s excellent outdoor access rights. However, enjoying the outdoors is also relevant to urban areas and everyday journeys close to home. No matter where you are, you can participate in the outdoors.

There are many benefits of enjoying the outdoors, e.g. increasing our understanding and care of the natural world, more tourism, improved health and better quality of life. We want to share these benefits with all of Scotland’s residents and visitors.

This policy statement builds on our first policy statement on enjoying the outdoors in 1994. The first statement made an important contribution to the development of Scotland’s progressive outdoor access. Our aim is that this latest policy statement will have an equally positive impact.

Pages: 28
Published: 2007

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