Going outdoors

Advice and information for getting outdoors plus update on our National Nature Reserves.

It’s important that you keep following the rules on travel, meeting other households, physical distancing and hygiene.

Exercising Rights of Access Responsibly

Please continue to exercise rights of access responsibly under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003 during the COVID-19 emergency. 

Respect the health and safety of farmers and others working on the land – please follow reasonable requests and signs to avoid farmyards, fields with livestock and other busy working areas. Try to avoid touching surfaces and if possible plan a route that avoids gates.

It's important people walking dogs act responsibly, take notice of signs and keep dogs under control – put them on a lead or keep them close at heel and don't let them approach other people/livestock.

Land managers should continue to respect access rights which are very important at this difficult time.

This is a temporary situation. It isn't about restricting rights, but part of the effort to prevent the spread of Covid.

National Nature Reserves

On our nature reserves, car parks and facilities are open. Visitor centres may be closed.

When you are using our NNRs, please follow physical distancing guidelines.

Take a virtual tour of our NNRs with our podcast series.

Accessing local greenspaces

Scottish Government has published Safer Public Spaces for Scotland: Urban Centres and Green Space for owners and operators of public spaces. The guidance document focuses on design principles for safer urban centres and greenspaces in Scotland during the coronavirus crisis.

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Access to the outdoors during the coronavirus outbreak

Our National Nature Reserves - visiting and volunteering for each reserve


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