Connecting people and places - a policy statement on rangering in Scotland

SNH initiated this review in 2019 to update the existing 2008 SNH policy statement - Rangers in Scotland.  The Ranger Development Partnership, a group with representatives from several key partners, has provided comments on earlier drafts.  Views were also sought at the Ranger Managers’ Forum on 27th January 2020.  We are now ready to consult more widely.

You can view an Equality Impact Assessment which has been carried out.

A Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) pre-screening notification has agreed that carrying out an SEA for this policy review will not raise new environmental impacts that were not addressed in the 2008 Rangers in Scotland policy SEA, and therefore a new SEA is not required.

Responding to this consultation

In addition to general comments on the draft policy, views were specifically sought on a number of elements of the policy statement detailed in the consultation pro-forma available to download. 

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