Concern raised over kestrel nest disturbance in the NE

14 June 2019

NatureScot has called on the public to be careful when approaching birds’ nests, after concerns have been raised about a pair of kestrels nesting near a coastal path in the Buchan area. The location of the nest has become well known and last Sunday up to 40 people were viewing the birds at times.

Gavin Clark, NatureScot Tayside & Grampian Operations Manager has urged restraint. “There’s a risk that too many people trying to get too close may put pressure on the birds and cause chicks to fledge prematurely. There is also a danger that the birds will become habituated to people, which is detrimental for the birds in the long term. We’re asking that people don’t get close to the nest by approaching the cliff edge or stay too long on the coastal footpath opposite the nest site.”

All wild birds and their nests are legally protected.