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Community-led marine biodiversity monitoring in Scotland

Scottish Natural Heritage, in partnership with Fauna and Flora International, have been looking at practical ways to support and engage coastal communities and local groups in the survey and monitoring of Scotland’s inshore waters.

We see this project as an opportunity to try and address barriers to participation in marine biodiversity survey and help empower communities to undertake survey and monitoring of Scotland’s marine environment.

Biodiversity Monitoring Handbook

We are currently co-producing a community-led marine biodiversity monitoring handbook. 

The handbook aims to:

  • Co-produce a resource that enables communities, local groups and individuals to undertake marine biodiversity monitoring and survey in Scotland.
  • Help ensure that biodiversity monitoring and survey efforts are efficient and where applicable aligned to the national MPA monitoring strategy for Scotland.
  • Data collected can be integrated into national databases and support better decision making for Scotland inshore waters.
  • Through participation, connect more people in biodiversity monitoring of our seas.

The shared vision for community-led marine biodiversity survey is to find out more about the distribution of marine species and habitats around our coastline that is targeted to local interests. 

To deliver this vision, communities highlighted that having access to a clear and easy to use handbook  demonstrating a range of survey approaches, techniques and difficulties levels was key.

 Project Partners:

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