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Taking action on climate change

​Taking action to tackle climate change now can bring real benefits. Inaction will result in costs for the environment, economy and people.

​Climate change is already happening and will continue for decades to come, even if we were to cut our carbon emissions dramatically today.

Mitigation measures help to limit further climate change. Our peatlands work is the main way in which we manage nature to store carbon. Peat in poor condition emits greenhouse gases, but restoring bogs revives their capacity to act as a long-term carbon sink.

We’ve also worked hard to become a visibly low carbon organisation and continue to look for ways to reduce our footprint still further.

Adaptation measures help nature and people to cope with changes already in effect. Adaptation Principles now guide our land management and advice, and we promote ‘green infrastructure’ in urban design. We also measure how well Scotland’s natural environment is adjusting to climate change.

We work with many other organisations and land managers to take action on climate change. Everyone can get involved – by reducing our energy use, by avoiding using peat in gardens, and by making space for nature.

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