Peatland ACTION - Peatland Restoration and Management Guidance

Whether to inform your awareness of peatland restoration or improve your understanding of peatland restoration techniques (including making sure that there are no negative impacts on wildlife or the wider environment), and their sustainable management – we hope you will find our peatland restoration guidance resources page helpful.

Protecting species and habitats from restoration work

Undertaking management and restoration work on Scotland’s peatland habitats will have long-term benefits for supporting a rich biodiversity as well as improving water quality and carbon storage.

When undertaking restoration work, all parties involved must ensure that there are no negative impacts on protected species. Our species guidance notes set out protocols that all parties involved in peatland restoration are required to follow to ensure that they stay within the constraints of the law.  

Restoration guidance

How do I learn about the techniques used in peatland restoration?

The Peatland ACTION team have put together a suite of technical restoration demonstration videos to help land managers and contractors learn about the techniques and their successful implementation on-the-ground.

View our Peatland ACTION playlist on our YouTube channel for a full list of techniques (ditch blocking, bunding, reprofiling, and surface smoothing).

Peatland ACTION - Ditch blocking video
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A short video explaining the techniques for ditch blocking on peatlands.

Peat dams from 0.34 second to 1 minute 47 seconds

Plastic piling from around 1 minute 47 seconds onwards


Managing peatlands in the long term

Managing peatlands sustainably is important as healthy peatlands provide many benefits to people and nature. 

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