Changes to general licensing from April 2020 - a summary

What are the main changes to the General Licences in 2020?

The main changes are:    

  • Species - there are 15 changes to the species which are included on certain licences. These are summarised in Annex 1 in the table attached document below.
  • Trap Registration - individual users are required to register their use of live cage traps to take birds through SNH. This will help us understand how General Licences are being used.
  • Designated Sites - the use of General Licences over a number of designated sites in Scotland will be subject to additional specific conditions.  
  • Traps for Stoats – it is no longer legal to use a Fenn or such like traps for stoats. There is a General Licence for use of approved traps to control stoats to prevent damage to livestock and the conservation of wild birds.

We have also made some changes to the way birds can be controlled around airports, seeking to streamline the process and tailor licences to the individual needs of each airfield.

Find out more in the full summary and table below:

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