A Business Framework for Investing in Nature: opportunities for the rural economy

This framework aims to provide a series of methods and techniques to estimate the benefits to businesses of investing in nature through the use of sound evidence and case-studies. It addresses the investment opportunities in rural and natural environments, especially for those industries that heavily rely on water sources and resilient. The focus is on the specific economic benefits and returns that rural businesses can directly derive from investing in nature in a manner that accounts for the priorities highlighted by international and national reports on climate and biodiversity emergency. These benefits may be in the form of financial returns on investment, a demonstrable avoided cost, or a desired social outcome. In this way, these frameworks aim to help the private sector to better consider the role natural capital plays in financial and manufactured capital accounting. However, it is important to keep in mind that, even if the paper focuses on specific benefits, each intervention discussed provides a multitude of benefits and ecosystem services that might be more difficult to value monetarily, but are essential for a healthy environment.

The framework will be adapted through cooperation with Scottish businesses and industries in order to focus primarily on the priorities of each economic sector.

This report describes techniques to measure the socioeconomic impact of nature-based solutions and conservation interventions for businesses and private investors.

You can also view a table showing the connections between an intervention, its benefits and the beneficiaries.

Pages: 10
Published: 2019

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