Better places for people and nature

Creating attractive, well-designed and sustainable places for people to live and work in is a Scottish Government priority. Find out how NatureScot is getting involved in creating better places through Scotland’s natural heritage.

Place-making is a term originally used to describe the creation of squares, parks, streets, etc., that would attract people because they were pleasurable or interesting. It has since developed into the more overarching concept of generally improving a neighbourhood, city or region.

As part of its National Performance Framework, one of the Scottish Government’s outcomes is for us all to live in well-designed, sustainable places where we are able to access the amenities and services we need. Place-making is increasingly important in this.

From our perspective at NatureScot, our focus within place-making is on creating and promoting well-managed and accessible greenspace, paths and landscapes. Find out what our main priorities are and how we aim to achieve them in this booklet.

Our goal? For our country’s natural heritage to play a meaningful role in developing better places for people to live, work, play and learn in.

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Published: 2012

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