Beavers in Scotland - A report to Scottish Government

The Scottish Government asked us to produce this report to help Scottish Ministers make a decision about the future of beavers in Scotland. At the time, two wild populations of beavers were present in Scotland on a ‘trial’ basis.

The issues around beaver reintroduction to Scotland have been subject to intense investigation and discussion since the mid-1990s.

This report offers a comprehensive summary of existing knowledge, plus four future beaver scenarios: full removal, restricted range, widespread recolonisation, and accelerated widespread recolonisation. Topics covered include beaver interactions with the natural and human environment, and management and legal considerations.

The report draws on the work and experience of:

  • Scottish Natural Heritage-commissioned projects
  • Scottish Beaver Trial
  • Tayside Beaver Study Group
  • Beaver Salmonid Working Group
  • National Species Reintroduction
  • a range of other studies from Scotland and abroad

Pages: 208
Published: 2015

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