Audit and Risk Committee Meeting Agenda and Papers - 6 February 2020

The last Audit and Risk Committee meeting was held on Thursday 06 February 2020 at Silvan House, Edinburgh. 

Agenda Items

Items for Discussion (you can download all documents below)

  • Audit Scotland Annual Audit Plan for 2019/20
  • 2019/20 Internal Audit Plan Progress Report
  • Q3 Risk Management Update (including ‘Joint Working’ deep dive)
  • Draft Internal Audit Annual Plan 2020/21
  • SNH Financial Accounting Policies – 2019/20

Items for Information

  • Q3 Internal Audit Follow-Up Report
  • Q3 Audit Scotland National Reports Review
  • NCHF Casework Internal Audit Report
  • Lessons Learned Exercises Internal Audit Report
  • Investment in Biodiversity Information Audit
  • Audit Scotland Audit Fees 2019/20
  • Fusion Project Update

Document downloads