Audit and Risk Committee Meeting Agenda and Papers - 13 May 2020

The next Audit and Risk Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday 13 May 2020 via a Virtual Meeting Space

Open Agenda Items

  • Minutes of meeting held on 06 February 2020
  • Chair’s Report – oral report

Items for Discussion

(available to download 6 days before the meeting)

  • Audit Scotland Internal Controls Report to NatureScot
  • 2019/20 Annual Internal Audit Report
  • 2020/21 Internal Audit Progress Report
  • Draft Governance Statement
  • Q4 Risk Report 2019/20 (including Risks represented in the Business Plan)
  • Annual Risk Review and Risk Action Plan

Items for Information

  • Q4 Internal Audit Follow-Up Report
  • Q4 Audit Scotland National Reports Review
  • Openness and Transparency Review – Progress Update
  • Fusion Update
  • Risk Management Audit
  • Nature Targets Audit
  • Conflict of Interest Audit
  • Influencing Wildlife Management Stakeholders Assurance Map
  • National Fraud Initiative Project

Document downloads