Action on Climate Change

We have joined forces with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Forestry Commission Scotland and Historic Scotland to make a statement on climate change. In this leaflet, discover how each organisation is taking action.

Climate change is the most serious threat to Scotland’s environment, and early action could help to lessen its effects and prepare us for a changing climate.

As government-funded organisations, we are each responsible for different aspects of Scotland’s environment and heritage. Each organisation has developed a plan of action to respond to and address climate change. And while each plan reflects the individual interests of the organisation, there are also strong common themes:

  • Mitigation – minimise the degree of climate change that will take place.
  • Adaptation – help prepare Scotland for a changing climate.
  • Communication – raise widespread awareness of climate change issues.

Read this leaflet to find out what actions each organisation is taking to meet these objectives in our joint action on climate change.

Pages: 4
Published: 2009

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