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Work for SNH

Scotland is known for its ingenuity, pride and spirit of adventure – words that also describe our team very well.

Work for SNH

Scottish Natural Heritage employs more than 700 staff in roles ranging from ecologist to economist and from land agent to landscape architect. We also need IT specialists, accountants, financial advisers, human resources experts and general administrators to support our work.

Our employees are based in 23 offices across Scotland. But many spend much of their time working in the great outdoors that we seek to protect and promote. Each day is different, not least because of the many communities and varied stakeholders we work with.

The natural capital that surrounds us is one of Scotland’s greatest assets. And our dedicated and committed team is ours. Every success we have towards securing the future of our nature and landscapes is down to our people.

What could you do for Scottish Natural Heritage?

Search and apply for vacancies on our SNH jobs website.

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Our employment values

We’re as supportive of, committed to and proud of our people as we are of the natural world around us. Together we strive to continually improve our ability to meet the needs of all parts of the community.

We want all staff to feel valued for the contributions they make. So we celebrate the successes of individuals, teams and our organisation as a whole.

Commitment, openness, innovation, achievement and leadership are the organisational values that shape our day-to-day approach to our work.

Our people are encouraged to take ownership of:

  • what they deliver
  • their personal development, aspirations and career
  • their part in bringing our values to life

Ensuring a safe working environment that meets environmental standards is just as important.

You can also read about our commitment to equality and diversity – both as an employer and in helping people to enjoy nature and use our services.

Graduate placement scheme

Our scheme offers new graduates the chance to learn about our work by taking part in an SNH project for 6 months to 1 year. All opportunities are full-time and paid, and graduates are placed across our offices.

Project topics for graduates have included:

  • planning and renewable energy
  • community empowerment through nature
  • licensing compliance monitoring
  • protected species
  • API developer

The scheme is advertised in late Spring each year, on our SNH jobs website.

Work experience

We are delighted to offer unpaid work experience for school pupils, students and others. However, we are limited by staff availability but will try our best to accommodate requests.  

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