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PhD research

To deepen our knowledge of the natural environment, Scottish Natural Heritage funds a number of PhD studentships to research certain themes.

A PhD studentship typically lasts for three years.

Ongoing studentships

Start year 2016/2017

  • Developing monitoring tools for data deficient conservation priority lichen and bryophyte species (SNH tutor: Dave Genney)
  • Using environmental DNA (eDNA) to monitor rare fish populations (SNH tutor: Colin Bean)

Start year 2015/2016

  • Mapping ecosystem service supply, flows and demand on river networks draining from the uplands to the lowlands of Scotland (SNH tutor: Angus Tree)
  • Upland management to improve carbon sequestration and ecosystem health (SNH tutor: Andrew Coupar)

Start year 2014/2015

  • Recent responses of freshwater Scottish lochs to changes in nutrient loading and climate (SNH tutor: Iain Sime)
  • Linkages between riparian invasive plants, hydromorphology and salmonid fish in Scottish rivers (SNH tutor: Phil Boon)

Start year 2013/2014

  • Quantifying carbon losses at Feshie Mhoine Mhor (SNH tutor: Iain Sime)
  • Conservation of Scotland's rainforest epiphytes (SNH tutor: Dave Genney)
  • Translating small scale ecological studies into large scale agricultural practices: breeding waders and grassland management (SNH tutor: Des Thompson/Paul Robertson)

Start year 2012/2013

  • Assessing the impact of changing river flows on the distribution and spread of invasive riparian plants (SNH tutor: Phil Boon)
  • Ecology of non-native invasive species, the Norway or common rat Rattus norvegicus, on the Scottish island of Rum (SNH tutor: Andy Douse)
  • Species, habitat and service restoration after Rhododendron control (SNH tutor: Dave Genney/Jeanette Hall)

How to apply for a studentship

  1. Our pre-application form for a PhD studentship in 2019 is now available.
  2. Up to 10 applicants will then be invited to submit a more detailed application.
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