Key contacts

Just like our area offices, the staff listed below can answer queries about specific areas of Scottish Natural Heritage work.

General Enquiries

Please note that we also have a feedback form that will help direct enquiries to the correct member of staff.

Inverness Reception
Tel: 01463 725000

As well as our local offices, the staff listed below can answer enquiries about their own remit:

Senior Staff

Human Resources
Head of People & Organisational Development
Lynda Thomson
Telephone: 01783 444177
Email: [email protected]

Finance, Planning and Performance
Elaine Ward, Team Manager
Telephone: 01463 725 131
Email: [email protected]

Emma Keenan, Team Manager
Telephone: 0131 316 2656
Email: [email protected]

Workplace, Facilities and Services
Carole Wells, Team Manager
Telephone: 01463 725 004
Email: [email protected]

Information Management
Kenneth MacLean, Team Manager
Telephone: 0131 316 2666
Email: [email protected]

Information Systems
Mark Robson, Team Manager
Telephone: 01463 725 111
Email: [email protected]

Internal Audit
Helen McGeorge, Senior Manager
Telephone: 01738 458813
Email: [email protected]

Protected Areas and Surveillance
Team Manager
Andy Dorin
Telephone: 01463 725 185
Email: [email protected]

Executive Office
Graham Boyle, Team Manager
Telephone: 01463 725 091

Science and Biodiversity
Des Thompson, Principal Adviser
Telephone: 0131 316 2630
Email: [email protected]

Managing Nature Reserves
Stuart MacQuarrie, Team Manager
Telephone: 01463 725 274
Email: [email protected]

Sustainable Coasts and Seas
Cathy Tilbrook, Team Manager
Telephone: 01738 458 620
Email: [email protected]

Marine Ecosystems
Katie Gillham, Team Manager
Telephone: 01463 725 324
Email: [email protected]

Biodiversity and Geodiversity
Kath Leys, Team Manager
Telephone: 01334 654 038
Email: [email protected]

Wildlife Management
Robbie Kernahan, Team Manager
Telephone: 01463 725 353
Email: [email protected]

Placemaking for People and Nature
Pete Rawcliffe, Team Manager
Telephone: 01738 458 660
Email: [email protected]

Supporting Good Development
Peter Hutchinson, Team Manager
Telephone: 01738 458 517
Email: [email protected]

Natural Resource Management
Claudia Rowse, Team Manager
Telephone: 01463 725 319
Email: [email protected]

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