Audit and Risk Committee

Promoting accountability and the proper use of public funds in Scottish Natural Heritage is part of the Committee’s remit.

The full remit of the Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) is to:

  • help promote the highest standards in the use of public funds and encourage proper accountability for the use of funds and resources
  • promote the development of SNH arrangements to attain our objectives and targets
  • promote the development of SNH arrangements for corporate governance, including risk management, and to advise the Board

Among other tasks, the Committee must:

  • ensure our internal audit plans comply with Public Sector Internal Audit Standards
  • review the annual report prepared by the Head of Internal Audit, to confirm that our internal control system is adequate
  • consider reports by Audit Scotland on our annual accounts or other matters such as how well we achieve value for money
  • ensure we meet any statutory requirements for the use of public funds
  • ensure we make the most economic and effective use of resources

Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference

ARC Meeting Dates for 2020:

06 February 2020 - Agenda and papers
13 May 2020
29 July 2020
20 August 2020
05 November 2020

ARC meetings

Five meetings are held each year in Silvan House, Edinburgh. The Committee may also meet at other times, as necessary. 

Meetings are attended by our:

  • Accountable Officer (Chief Executive)
  • Principal Finance Officer
  • Head of Internal Audit
  • other staff, as appropriate

Audit Scotland is usually invited to meetings and can ask at least once a year to meet the Committee in private.

The Committee reports to our Board after each meeting – on health and safety, risk management and any other issues relating to the ARC remit.

ARC members

All ARC members sit on our Board. Committee membership is approved by the Board and consists of a Chair and three other members.

The current Committee members are listed below.

Find out about Board member appointments

Executive Office
Scottish Natural Heritage
Great Glen House
Leachkin Road

Email: [email protected]

Kate Broughton - Chair

Thirty years in research and the energy business have given Kate Broughton experience of strategic development and governance as well as financial insight.

When she worked for Edinburgh-based Wood Mackenzie, Kate was closely involved in the growth of the business. She brings to our Board her experience of strategic development and governance.

Kate’s financial acumen comes from working as a UK oil and gas analyst and from having budget responsibility for global research and operations teams.

She also has a strong track record in:

  • process improvement
  • product development
  • change management

Kate has a particular interest in efficient digital delivery and data management.

She was awarded a PhD in Geology by the University of Sheffield in 1991.

Kate will serve as a Board member of Scottish Natural Heritage until 31 March 2022. She holds no other ministerial appointments.

Susan Murray

Susan Murray has worked across the public, private and third sectors for more than two decades, and volunteered in conservation for eight years.

Susan brings this experience to our Board and to her role as director of Agent M Ltd, a company that helps organisations to create social change.

She has volunteered widely, including with the National Trust for Scotland on conservation projects for eight years.

She is also a Trustee of the ICAS Foundation and a Clore Social Leadership Fellow.

Susan has studied at:

  • the University of Edinburgh
  • Goldsmiths, University of London
  • Aberdeen Business School

Susan will serve as a Board member of Scottish Natural Heritage until 31 March 2022.

Cath Denholm

Cath Denholm has worked in the NHS in managerial and strategic roles for over 20 years. Her interests are strategy, change management and partnership working.

Cath’s professional interests lie in strategy, change management and partnership working to achieve fair access for all and value for public money.

She joined NHS Health Scotland in 2005 and is now its Director of Strategy. This executive director role is Cath’s only other ministerial appointment.

Her responsibilities in this role include:

  • corporate strategy and performance
  • communications and public affairs
  • human resources/organisational development and business excellence
  • national leadership for human rights in health and social care

Cath has been a Board member of Voluntary Action Scotland since November 2015. She is a member of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce).

Cath will serve as a Board member of Scottish Natural Heritage until 31 March 2022.

Jackie Hyland

Jackie Hyland qualified in Medicine at Edinburgh University and holds a position as a consultant in Public Health Medicine with NHS Tayside.

Jackie has a strong track record in environmental protection and promotion of biodiversity within the health sector, and provides health advice to partner agencies and communities.

She tutors at Dundee University and has published on environmental public health and engagement with stakeholders.  As a member of the Scottish Managed Sustainable Health Network she has been closely involved in reviewing the evidence for improving health through sustainable development.

She was awarded a Medical Doctorate at St Andrews University for her thesis on air quality and health, and the socioeconomic benefits of active travel.

Jackie will serve as a Board member of Scottish Natural Heritage until 31 March 2022.